Head of Balqa Applied University honors students qualify for the contest in Arabic programming

Dr. Nabil shawaqbeh head Balqa Applied University received university students qualify for the competition for the Arab programming which will be held in Egypt in mid-November of this year. Dean of the Faculty in the presence of Prince Abdullah bin Ghazi Information Technology Dr. Mohammed Ababneh Certiport and director of the company and director of the company RAM-GEES coaches and university teams programmable Dr. Maaz Zghoul and Dr. Abdul Salam Arabiyat.

Said Dr. ALShawaqbeh that the university policy depends on the support and encourage outstanding students and motivate them to scientific progress through their careers. And encourage students to engage in extracurricular in scientific activities that will help them in the future to engage in the labor market and development in the field of information technology. The university also will continue to support posts for foreign students to provide friction with fellow students from universities in the Arab world and which helps them to expand their knowledge and increase opportunities for them to build their future.

He also pointed to the excellent relationship between the university through the College of Information Technology with global and local companies in this sector and which ones Certiport Inc. and RAM-GEES company through an agreement to adopt the Balqa University as a test of global certificates in the field of information technology. And the two companies presented awards and certificates of training for the university teams in recognition of excellence in the field of programming, advanced centers, which they obtained in the national competition for programming that took place recently in Balqa Applied University .

This is like Balqa University in the Arab competition two teams of six students are (Mahmoud Aidi, Abdullah ALFoqahaa, Abdullah Abdel Aal, Victoria Badawi, Abdullah Abu Rish, and Abdul Majeed Abutaleb).

At the end of the meeting, Dr. Alshaqbeh honors and awards to the winners of the students and wished them success in the competition for Arabic programming.