Adobe / Dreamweaver

Changing the world is possible, but it requires the right preparation and skills. One of the best ways to be prepared is with Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification.

ACA certification is an industry-recognized credential that can be used to effectively validate one’s skills in Adobe digital-media software. It represents the creative skills in demand today by industry and academia and reflects well when presented on a resumé or college application.

Adobe Certified Associate in Web Authoring Using Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver software is the industry standard for creating and editing compelling HTML rich media websites and mobile apps.

Having ACA certification is a great validation of one’s Adobe creative skills, and ACA Dreamweaver certification is available for Creative Cloud (CC), Creative Suite 6 (CS6) and CS5 versions of Adobe software. CC-based ACA certifications are current for three years after the date of issue.


1. Setting Project Requirements
2. Planning Site Design and Page Layout
3. Understanding the Adobe Dreamweaver Interface
4. Adding Content by Using Dreamweaver
5. Organizing Content by Using Dreamweaver
6. Evaluating and Maintaining a Site by Using Dreamweaver

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