Taking Digital Literacy To A New Level

In today's high-tech world, digital literacy is a requirement. The best way to stand out in the crowd is to have the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³) credential on your resume.productLogo IC3Every job and career, every field of study, and even our social and personal lives are increasingly impacted by technology. The Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³®) certification helps teachers prepare students to enter the next phase of life, whether it is in the workforce or in high-education.

For both the student and the job-seeker IC³ provides the foundation of knowledge needed for success, and it is a well-respected and internationally-recognized credential that reflects the most relevant skills needed in today's academic and business environments.

Regardless of your career or education goals, computers and technology will most likely play and important role. To make sure you are prepared for success, get the most up-to-date and globally recognized digital literacy certification available, IC³.

Benefits of IC³ Certification
Validate your Internet and computing skills
- Highlight your unique talents
- Demonstrate your qualifications in emerging fields

The Difference Employers Can See Instantly

With IC³ Certification, you are instantly recognized as someone with the critical entry-level skills needed to effectively use the latest computer and Internet technology to achieve business objectives, expand productivity, improve profitability, and provide a competitive edge. You also get instant access to Certiport Authenticated Digital Transcript. This first-of-its-kind service lets you easily access your exam and certification status, and enables you to share this verified information with potential schools, employers, and staffing agencies.

The IC³ Certification comprises of three individual examinations:
  1. Computing Fundamentals
  2. Key Applications
  3. Living Online
Now Available: IC³ is now available for Windows 7 / Office 2010. 

Make IC³ Part of Your Vision for Success

Based on extensive research, IC³ reflects the foundational skills needed to excel in virtually all career fields and academic pursuits requiring computer proficiency.