How to register with Certiport

Rum services company E-Learning representative Sherkat Srtibot in Jordan is working to help universities and educational institutions, schools and public and private in Jordan training centers to be accredited centers for tests Srtibort in the Kingdom of Jordan, which include programs Achtbrat Microsoft Offs and Microsoft software technology, AutoCAD tests and my production (HP) and Adobe and many others.

Interest from the registration center
A wide variety of programs and global certificates.
Certificates issued from the best global companies such as Microsoft, Adobe and Autodesk and Srtibort, HP, and others.
Free registration for colleges, universities and schools as a center Srtibort checksum.
There is no annual salaries.
Characterize the teaching staff Kmadrbea globally through Certified Trainer Program
Take advantage of free educational materials provided by international companies and specifically designed to raise the level of students and help teachers.
Free methodology materials or wages for students symbolic.
Access to global certificates with the academy certificate during the study period.
Raise the professional level of the student.
Characterize the student from his peers in the labor market through a global certificates are supported.
Help students to get jobs and better training and increased confidence in themselves.
Increase revenue for universities and colleges and schools.
Attract more students to enroll in academic programs.
Can take the test in the computer lab conductor of the Internet.
Tests are very private universities and colleges and schools rates could reach 70% reduction.
Results appear automatically upon completion of the test.
Reduce the chances of cheating during the questions and bounties are randomly selected for each student.
A student can print the certificate from or sent to a third party.
How to register
To register for the test center Certiport please send an email to contain basic checksum center and phone number information.
A representative of Rum Company contacted to clarify the registration steps and send the registration contract.
After the signing of the contract will be recorded and Tfqeil center within 72 hours.