Azm Educational Company

Recognition of the importance of community service the private man and their interest as a tool for development armed with science and knowledge and experience and the necessary skills for continuity, increasing the gap between the needs of the labor market and the collection of a university student in all disciplines, the desire of many employees to develop themselves as if the institutions, all these reasons prompted the bosses Social determination and happiness Association to establish a Center for Academic Development in 2006 before becoming the beginning of 2010 with the Department of Azm Educational Company ,Who shall now a major center and a leading role in meeting the needs of institutions and individuals from specialized intensive courses, workshops and seminars, the number of beneficiaries has exceeded the center of cycles until the four thousand a member today. What also distinguishes the center is the cost of the studied courses to allow any student knowingly Participating its sessions without any obstacles prevent him from collecting the most important global certificates and expertise in many areas

Sector : Higher Education (Postsecondary)

Address: Lebanon

Phone : 96164486000

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