Dar Amman Academy

In DAR AMMAN ACADEMY we are committed to providing high quality training consulting services based on our customers changing needs in Jordan and in the middle East and North Africa (MENA) markets, in a socially responsible and ethical manner. In order to achieve this, we are depending on a highly quality and certified trainers and consultants, implementing a solid quality management system and measuring our performance through a comprehensive monitoring and evaluating system.

Quality Delivery: We believe that quality delivery of training and assessment is vital to our ongoing business success and why we do what we do.

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Address: Amman, Jordan. Hussein Mountain.Adel Al Qassim Complex, 8th floor Office 807

Phone: +962 6 568 1117

Mobile: +962 79 894 3445

Mobile: +962 77 774 6931

E-mail: info@darammanacademy.com

Website : www.darammanacademy.com